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My Story

I have experienced deep transformation through the inner work process. This gives me a lot of passion to serve others in their transformation.

Like many others, I grew up with a lot of internal and external struggles. I allowed those struggles to define me, yet at the same time, I fought them. I had turned against myself deeper with each internal fight. I kept coming across familiar situations that were frustrating, traumatic, disappointing, lonely, and left with me with a feeling of – less than.

I wanted to escape this reality and I succeeded for periods of time only to end up licking my wounds again. I didn’t believe encouragement from the outside, but I did believe the criticism it provided. I kept a considerably collected appearance while inside I lacked true love for myself and it felt chaotic. I got to a point where I felt like I had everything I wanted. I was promoted at work, had a seemingly adoring partner, decent money, traveled, and other things many would deem as success.

That all went away and looking back on it I’m so grateful. It was that shock to feeling like I lost everything I ever wanted that turned me inward. I no longer looked outside myself, especially to relationships, to fill a part of me that was missing. I learned to follow my own guidance and started connecting with activities, practices, and people I was authentically excited about. This was when my true healing and transformation began. 

I spent a lot of time going deeper in meditation, feeling what I am made of and my uniqueness, getting out in nature, learning about energy, exploring Reiki, learning true self-care, becoming kinder and loving to myself, illuminating toxic behaviors, a lot of writing, different physical exercises and connecting with people in a mutually beneficial relationship. I had amazing synchronicities that lead to developing a healthy community and revealing more about who I am. I started seeing more and more beauty in life – ALL life.

My relationships and what I do excite me. The work in life does not end, but it becomes clear how the work is worth it. Even hard days are rewarding because I live in my truth now. I know who I am and I love who I am. This is the most amazing gift I can imagine. It is freedom and connecting in a healthy way. I have a passion in serving others to help them recognize and live in their truth. In that process there is healing from past traumas – if you are human, you have trauma. Then learning to adjust to a life that is actually meant for you. I think this is needed for all life to evolve. Waking up is the calling now. This planet needs humanity to wake up. The call gets louder until we do the work.

Can you hear it? Let’s do the work!

Services to Assist You in Your Personal Transformation

Inner Work/Counseling

Inner work explores the maladaptive programs we developed and identifies what needs to heal in order to free ourselves from these damaging programs.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Meditation/Sound Healing

Utilizing the power of sound vibrations, I facilitate immersive experiences that allow participants to fully connect with their bodies and enter a deeply healing trance state.

Trauma Healing/EMDR

Through the transformative approach of trauma therapy, I offer a safe and supportive space for you to explore and process past experiences, no matter their intensity.

Reiki/Energy Healing

Drawing upon my expertise as a Reiki Master Teacher, I facilitate energy healing sessions that harmonize your energy with your highest good in the present moment.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy with Phillip Walker

Ketamine Assisted Therapy

KAP is a holistic modality designed to help clients experience more frequent breakthroughs and sustained improvement in symptoms.

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